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Since entering my forties, I wanted to start on a path of healing and living a healthier lifestyle.

I was looking for something different and came across the unique medical services offered at Clear Health Inn. I had been a smoker for twenty years and when I quit I had gained a significant amount of weight. I felt like an inflated balloon waiting to be burst. The first treatment I choose was the ionic foot bath and after a couple of treatments I began to feel a release.

I completed the 10 treatments and the “fullness” I had been experiencing had dissipated. Some of the toxins that had mostly likely contributed to weight my gain, had been released and expelled from my body leaving me feeling lighter and happier. My second choice of treatment was the Detox bath.

This treatment is more intense for releasing toxins and I have never felt better. After completing both treatments, I have already lost a total of 15 pounds and I have only just begun! I recommend everyone experience the different treatments available and get on your own path of healing and living healthy.”

Susan McGee

I have had 4 treatments with with the Hybperbaric Chamber.

I must say it has helped me tremendously. I would suggest that anyone with pain of any type in using these facilities. I will continue to use these facilities on a continuing basis.

Ron Antoniak

I have experienced amazing service and treatment from professionals at Clear Health Inn.

Willing to take the time to explain the procedure and what to expect after treatments. Attentive during procedure to ensure comfort at all times. The facility is top notch. Very clean and inviting. My results have been amazing in just a short couple months. Very satisfied and highly recommend to anyone wanting to get rid of those stubborn fat cells that healthy eating and exercise just can’t shake. Thank you, and love the way my clothes fit.


I recently underwent a course of salt therapy at Clear Health Inn to treat ongoing, severe, sinus problems.

Prior to my treatments at Clear Health, I could not breathe through my nose and had a significantly impaired sense of smell. On the advice of my medical doctor I had previously treated this issue with steroids and surgery — neither had a long-lasting effect. After 6 sessions of salt therapy, much to my amazement, I was able to breathe through my nose and my sense of smell began to return for the first time in months.

I received six week’s worth of treatments and continued to steadily improve. With ongoing therapy, I am hopeful that I will be able to resolve my sinus problems without further surgical intervention. The Clear Health Inn staff are kind and accommodating. Dr. Cadili is generous, compassionate and easy to talk to.

For anyone suffering from a long-term chronic condition, I cannot recommend Clear Health Inn enough.


After experiencing years of pain from shingles nerve pain, I was able to be treated in the hyperbaric chamber at Clear Health Inn. This, in addition to cold laser and other treatments at this facility are very beneficial. Thanks to Dr. Cadili and his professional staff, I am much improved. I was very pleased to be the first patient in the new hyperbaric chamber.

-Lorne Tilson

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