Is Your Diet Cancer-free?

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Is Your Diet Cancer-free?

Is Your Diet Cancer-free?

The Link Between Food Ingredients and Cancer

As research continues to explore the factors that may contribute to cancer, many are looking to the foods you eat to have a better understanding of how some ingredients may be at the root of it. The following are the top ingredients in your diet linked to cancer. Reducing your consumption of these can lessen your risks of cancer and improve your body’s overall health and well-being.

1. Processed Sugars

Processed sugars such as high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and others contribute to high levels of insulin secretion by the body.

This can have lasting impacts on your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar while potentially contributing to the growth of cancer cells. PET scans, in fact, are used in hospitals and cancer centres to detect hidden cancer by identifying which cells or tissues are consuming more sugar. Healthy alternatives include coconut sugar or high-quality organic honey.


2. Soft Drinks

Soft drinks typically contain HFCS, artificial chemicals, and colourings. Also, sodas have no nutritional value in your diet and can displace healthier foods that you might otherwise consume.

Diet sodas contain aspartame, which has long been suspected through scientific studies for its potential links to cancer specifically colon and brain cancers. Some studies observed rats who had higher rates of lymphomas when fed aspartame.

Although there is still some debate on these findings, you’re better off avoiding soft drinks if you want to keep your body healthy.


3. Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils are produced through the extraction and treatment of vegetable oils. The processing of oils requires chemicals to alter their taste and smell.

Also, you need to consider the high levels of omega-6 fatty acids that are contained in these oils, which have been shown to affect cell membranes throughout your body which can interfere with how your body tissues function.

Because these fats have a higher melting point, they’re typically used for frying foods and have an extended shelf life. This makes them useful for commercial food products.

Hydrogenated oils have been linked to chronic inflammation as well as prostate, breast, and colorectal cancers.


4. White Flour

Like sodas and many other processed foods, white flour lacks nutritional value. Like sugar, it causes sharp increases in insulin levels due to its high sugar content.

White flour is a refined carbohydrate, which can fuel the growth of cancer cells and cause more damage to your long-term health via other effects such as obesity and diabetes.


3. Food Packaging

Food packaging is an overlooked component when looking at the ingredients in foods. But many chemicals and carcinogens can make their way from your food’s packages and into your body’s system.

Bags used to package microwave popcorn often contain perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). This has been linked to increased risks of cancer of the pancreas, kidneys, liver, and bladder.

Chemicals used in the canning process may also present a risk to your health. Bisphenol-A (BPA) may increase the risk of prostate and breast cancer along with affecting fertility and metabolism. BPA can leach into foods from the lining of cans, putting you at risk for these and other health issues.

Knowing these top ingredients in your diet that are linked to cancer gives you the awareness you need to improve your health. By increasing the resilience of your body, you can better tolerate the treatments related to cancer and improve their effectiveness in restoring lasting wellness and vitality.

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