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Ionic Foot Bath

Natural cleansing and toxin elimination

Ionic footbath is based on the concept of Bioenergetics

Bioenergetics is the device creates an energy field which interacts with the body’s own bioenergy at the cellular level.

This helps restore and harmonize your internal energy and pH levels as well as stimulate the body’s natural cleansing and toxin elimination functions. The beneficial effects can be broad and will depend on the particular person. Some benefits may include increased energy levels, enhanced mood, and improved sleep.

More specific health benefits may be experienced by others, depending on each person’s unique physiology and health status. A lot of misconceptions, misunderstanding, and controversy surrounds how ionic footbaths work. We encourage you to ask us in person. The color change noticed in the water during treatment is not from toxin release from your feet, as widely believed, but is rather due to oxidization of the electrodes in the water.

Most of the toxin release actually occurs through your body’s main natural outlet for this in the urine in the hours and days following your treatment. The bioenergetics field created by the device in the water travels through your body to aid in the neutralization and release of toxins.

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