7 Essential Oils For Cancer-Care

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7 Essential Oils For Cancer-Care

7 Essential Oils For Cancer-Care

Citrus Oils

A prominent part of citrus oils that acts as a cancer fighting factor is di-limonene. This particular agent has been shown to slow or stop the growth of cancer cells as well as enhancing the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

Clary Sage

Sclareol, is the primary component of clary sage essential oil which has shown promising anti-cancer effects. This oil has been shown to impact the way that cancer cells multiple by killing those cells through a process known as apoptosis.


Conventional medical treatment for cancer can be as painful or more so then the actual cancer itself. There can be many painful and uncomfortable side effects of treatment such as swelling, numbness and discomfort. It has been shown that Frankincense extract can reduce swelling by 75% or more in 60% of the par-ticipants. As well as swelling reduction it has also been shown to help manage depression, pain and boost the immune system.


Damaging free radicals created by chemicals, pollutants, stress and toxins in our environment are the often the cause for cellular damage, lower immunity to illness exposing and increasing our probability of contracting cancer or other serious health concerns. Lavender oil is an effective natural antioxidant support.


Lemongrass has remarkable cancer fighting properties. The results were remarkable. This essential oil triggers a variety of mechanical reactions in the body on a cellular level that kill cancer cells. This oils properties cause loss in tumor cell viability by activating the apoptotic process, similar to Clary Sage.


The role that myrrh essential oil plays in natural cancer therapies is a becoming a popular topic in the scientific community. It has been shown when mixed with other essential oils, cancer cells have a sensitive reaction to the myrrh and frankincense essential oils compared to healthy cells. The resins from frankincense and myrrh trees have been traditionally prescribed simultaneously in Chinese medicine for years. Both these oils have been used and found exceptionally effective to relieve swelling and pain.

Peppermint & Spearmint

Peppermint and spearmint are very well known and highly effective at managing common side effects people that suffer from taking part in traditional medical cancer therapies. These oils have been found to ease vomiting and nausea. They have also been shown to prevent mucositis in the head and neck, relieve joint pain, and swelling.


Thyme oil can help balance and regulate hormones and also carries strong cytotoxic properties; as a result it is effective against prostate, lung carcinoma, and breast cancers.


essential oils at Clear Health Inn

Clear Health Inn Cancer Program

Knowledge of essential oil cancer fighting properties is incorporated in the Clear Health Inn Cancer Care program. These oils can be included in a variety of ways including, detox baths, aromatherapy, orally, and topically. The clinic also carries the high end medical grade essential oil line, doTERRA. This line provides many individual essential oils, and essential oil blends for the purpose of targeting specific medical concerns such as cancer and other ailments. These oils are used in many of our treatments and program and are also offered for purchase through the clinic.


Clear Health Inn supplementary Cancer Care Program was developed to be a complete and mature program that looks at cancer from all its aspects. If you are interested in inquiring about our program please contact us here. The clinic also carries a variety of wellness products including essential oils, coconut oil, medical grade skin care and supplements.

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