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Clear Health Inn’s Premier Cancer Care Program

Clear Health Inn has created an intensive and all encompassing Cancer Care Program tailored specifically to you and your individual health needs. Our Cancer Care Program will build up your immune system using revolutionary non invasive and supplementary research-based alternative cancer treatment methods with advanced protocols.

Our Cancer Care Program works because it’s tailored specifically to you and your individual health needs.

We pride ourselves in a complete and mature program that looks at cancer from all its aspects. We first understand the exact nature and extent of your problem and the status of your health at the current time. This is critical in determining the types, intensity, and lengths of treatments that are required, effective, and which are safe for you and which are not. Your Cancer Care Program is individualized to fit your specific type of cancer, its extent, and the status of your body’s health at the time of assessment. The programs focuses on treatments that will enhance your body’s immune system and underlying overall health to help you better fight the disease. This is supplemented with a nutritional program, herbal supplements, and aids for better psychological comfort.

Philosophy of the Cancer Care Program

Clear Health Inn’s Cancer Care Program is a comprehensive course of treatment lasting 6 weeks at a time designed to completely overhaul your health status. The program combines alternative health treatments with nutritional and supplement support.

All these elements are useful in isolation but our signature Cancer Care Program combines these to achieve a result greater than the sum of the individual parts.

The purpose of the program is to stimulate your immune system to fight off the cancer and reset your body to a healthier state of being.

Goals of the Cancer Care Program

  • Fight off the cancer
  • Recover from the downside effects of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation
  • Improve energy, state of mind, and overall well-being

Steps to the Cancer Care Program

One of our Cancer Care representatives will phone you in order to have a preliminary phone consultation. At this time we can get to know you and gain an understanding of your situation and needs in order to set up a  successful and comprehensive medical assessment required to complete your individualized cancer care program.

We will created a tailor made treatment plan that is made specifically to you and your individual health needs based on your assessment. Our carefully researched and scientifically backed alternative cancer treatments will improve your mental and physical health.

During your time in at Clear Health Inn going through the Cancer Care Program your progress will be continuously monitored and adjusted to continue to achieve maximum results. In addition to this at least two formal reviews will take place. One mid way through the program and the other at the end of the program.

During the results evaluation a formal review of your status and progress will be carried out followed by a meeting with the medical director. Your progress will be evaluated based on medical testing results, symptom improvement and subjective questionnaires.

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