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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions at Clear Health Inn – Cancer Care Program

After your complete medical history is assessed, you will be scheduled for a one on one consultation with a qualified medical doctor for an individualized session. During this consultation, your complete medical history including all recent lab tests, pathology and imaging reports, and/or operative reports will be carefully reviewed. The options will be discussed and an individualized program will be crafted depending on your current state of health, disease status, treatments received to date, and outlook. All assessments are free of charge

Any patient with any type of cancer would benefit from the Cancer Care program

The program is designed to boost the immune system and reset the body to a healthier state of being enabling it to overcome the disease and the effects of traditional treatments. The degree of benefit will vary from person to person depending on their preexisting health condition, disease stage, and treatments received to date. Having said that, all patients will benefit from the program

The treatment program is typically set in 3 week and 6 week increments depending on the type and stage of cancer and your goals. You will be in treatments 3-5 days a week depending on the specific program set to get you the best results

The program is determined by an individualized assessment and is almost never the same from person to person. Your progress will be monitored on an ongoing basis with formal comprehensive reviews midway through and at the end of your set program

Each patient is screened very carefully to ensure that our well-researched treatments pose minimal risk. In addition, patients rarely experience any side effects from our treatments as these are set very carefully and adjusted on an ongoing basis depending on your response

We do not recommend you disregard the advice of your medical caretakers. Our program is, in fact, designed to work in synergy with traditional medical therapies to result in a better outcome for your health. Nevertheless, patients who have chosen to forgo traditional medical care will still benefit from our treatments