Herbal Therapy

Herbal Therapy is one of the misunderstood health treatments available today. The way it is used by some, using the wrong herb for the wrong condition or ascribing exaggerated benefits to herbs, has created confusion and doubt surrounding this method. In reality, modern medicines in use today use components that originally hail from naturally occurring herbs. Another issues is that unlike commercially available medications, herbal treatments are not very well understood in both their positive effects as well as negative side effects; using them incorrectly, therefore, can be quite dangerous when consumed by the wrong body type for the wrong condition especially since they can also harmfully interact with prescription medications. When used judiciously, however, and in the right person, for a specific desired effect that is realistically achievable, Herbal Therapy can indeed serve as useful link to complete the circle of total care.

At the Clear Health Inn, only safe and effective herbal remedies that are carefully thought out and considered as part of the patient’s overall individualized plan of care are recommended. Selection of herbal treatments in our healing formulas is based on more than a decade of research into the particulars of each treatment.

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