Why Clear Health Inn?

We use revolutionary, non invasive and supplementary health methods with well researched safe protocols


We pride ourselves in a complete and mature program that looks at cancer from all its aspects. We first understand the exact nature and extent of your problem and the status of your health at the current time. This is critical in determining the types, intensity, and lengths of treatments that are required, effective, and which are safe for you and which are not. Your program is individualized to fit your specific type of disease, its extent, and the status of your body’s health at the time of assessment.

The programs focuses on treatments that will enhance your body’s immune system and underlying overall health to help you better fight the disease. This is supplemented with a nutritional program, herbal supplements, and aids for better psychological comfort.

Our Unique Approach

The Cancer Care program at Clear Health Inn was born out of a unique understanding of the three issues most important to cancer patients

The nature of cancer as a disease and the specific ways through which it not only spreads but also burdens and harms the body.

The exact way through which traditional medical treatments for cancer (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc) work, what they are good at doing, what they are limited in doing, and the exact types of damage they can inflict on the body as a side effect.

The gap between your sought-after ideal state of well-being and health on one hand and the reality of the burden produced by both the cancer and its treatments on the other hand.


Considering the gap mentioned above is where we come in; recognizing the enormity of this gap, and the trouble people have in finding the right way to bridge it is what led to the development of the Cancer Care program at the Clear Health Inn. Not all alternative therapies are bad but not all of them are effective; in fact, some may be even harmful.

The variety and number of different alternative therapies and practitioners out there is overwhelming to say the least. In an unregulated industry with variable and inconsistent scientific evidence backing up the different treatment types, who can you turn to navigate through the quagmire and discern what is worthwhile and what is not at the most critical juncture in your life? The decision as to whether to embark on any alternative treatments and if so which ones can be overwhelming at a very difficult time and it is a decision that will directly affect your most valuable asset: your health.

Going down the wrong path or picking the wrong treatments in a situation such as this may not be easy to correct; the very least this could do is waste critical time that could have been spent sensibly and correctly enhancing your health and putting your body in a better position to roll back and survive cancer. Trust a team with a track record and a balanced approach to health that has a great understanding of overall health, traditional medicine, as well as alternative medicine and is eager to harness the best that both have to offer putting them to your advantage.


Using our best resources (staff, program, therapies and devices, physical space, etc) is centered on your physical health, a major and equally important focus of ours is simply your relaxation and comfort. Encompassing both physical and psychological comfort is at the very core of our philosophy of care at the Clear Health Inn. From the moment you step into our building, you are our number one priority. This is ingrained into our program and into the very essence of who we are. We believe this is a very important factor in achieving better health for yourself. We know at the physiological level that stress negatively affects the body’s immune system and leads to new disease and worsens existing disease.

Our Expertise

Treatment regimen is overseen by licensed medical specialist physicians not naturapthic doctors. A solid understanding and expertise in traditional medical therapy for cancer through practice and first hand experience is invaluable in shaping and administering a successful supplementary healing program.

We will ensure that all treatments within your program act synergistically with traditional therapies you are undergoing so that they do not conflict and potentially undermine any treatments provided by your doctors.

Also, the Cancer Care program at the Clear Health Inn was devised specifically with the main goal of supporting and enhancing your immune system and overall health to put you in a much better position to endure the side effects of traditional therapies (such as chemotherapy and radiation); ie we put you in a better position to tolerate traditional medical treatments which can often be hard on your body.


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Why Regina for Cancer Care?

For out of town or province patients, Regina might seem like an odd destination for supplementary cancer care. However, the advantages of receiving your treatments in Regina compared to other places, if not obvious, are significant. A more serene locale compared to larger cities with more traffic is a luxury often difficult to quantify especially for someone in a retreat-like environment focusing on health and recovery. This is doubly important as psychological relaxation and well-being is a major objective and aid in rebuilding health. Regina is still large enough though to house major entertainment venues yielding a situation where one can get the “best of both worlds” while getting healthier.

There is another important factor to consider: you will be receiving treatments for your cancer while you are still within the jurisdiction of the Canadian health care system. For Canadian patients especially, this is a major advantage as you are receiving treatments in a location where safe and free healthcare coverage still applies in case any medical emergencies or unexpected issues with your health arises.

Saskatchewan is beautiful and peaceful Prairie province in Western Canada. It is bordered by the United States to the south, the Northwest Territories to the north, Manitoba to the east and Alberta to the west. It is an ideal location for relaxation and recovery; we are proud to call Saskatchewan home!

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