About our Clinic

Clear Health Inn is Canada’s premier Alternative Cancer Treatment and Alternative Health Treatment center. Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Offering a range of cutting edge, supplementary health treatments for cancer (including breast cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and liver cancer), Autism, and Lyme disease using state of the art equipment and products. Clear Health Inn is founded on the principles of best health care centered on the physical, psychological, and spiritual qualities and needs that make each of us unique.

A different approach to health and wellness.

Welcome to Clear Health Inn

A range of alternative cancer treatments and alternative health treatments are offered using state of the art equipment as well as protocols designed according to the highest standards.

We differ from other alternative cancer and alternative health clinics in that these treatments are not offered strictly on a customer demand basis; rather, these treatments are incorporated into a program designed specifically for addressing the unique attributes and issues that you bring to embitter.

Our approach is different because it is focused on results. The results we achieve are not temporary band aids but rather than long lasting solutions that stem from the body’s natural healing processes. By resetting the body to a younger, healthier version of itself we ensure that the issue is resolved at its core and that other potential health risks are averted. with that in mind, our treatments are carefully researched and have a sound scientific basis for stimulating healing while minimizing harm.

About Dr. Ali Cadili

Medical Director (MD, MSC, FRCS(C), FACS)

Dr. Ali Cadili completed his medical education at the University of Saskatchewan and General Surgery residency training at the University of Alberta. With a wealth of clinical and basic science research experience, Dr Cadili has also avidly researched and studied holistic health practices for years.

Our Staff

Jessica Mann

Clinic Manager

Jessica Mann is Manager of Clear Health Inn and has been with our clinic since the beginning. Originally from Vancouver, BC she had moved here to Saskatchewan to further her career in the medical aesthetic industry. Jessica has always been interested in helping people, and eager to learn anything that comes her way. Favorite treatments here at Clear Health Inn are Hyperbaric Chamber and Far Infrared Sauna, On Jessica’s spare time she enjoys spending time with her two kids and going to the lake.

Jackie Famulak

Registered Nurse

Jackie has been Clear Health Inn’s nurse injector of dysport and botox fillers for the past year. She has lived in Regina for the past 38 years, raised her family and now has grandchildren. She retired from the Regina General Hospital April 2016 after 37 years. She now enjoys working with Clear Health Inn and the Regina Surgical Centre.

Jenifer Hutchinson

Registered Nurse

Jenifer graduated in 2004 with a BSc in Nursing from the University of Saskatchewan. Jenifer has worked in a variety of clinical areas since graduation including Internal Medicine, Surgery, Clinical Nurse Educator in 2 different hospitals, northern & rural Saskatchewan health centers, nursing education and long term care. She has enjoyed the challenge of a varied nursing career spanning 4 different Sk health regions. Jenifer’s other passions include her family, friends, spirituality, fitness, & holistic health. She is honoured to be a member of the talented, holistic team at Clear Health Inn assisting clients to attain & maintain wellness.

Mikayla Dedman

Medical Technician

Mikayla Dedman is a certified technician here at Clear Health Inn. Her two favourite treatments that we offer are laser hair removal and micro-needling. She is the sort of person who loves emerging herself in the health care industry and helping clients feel comfortable and relaxed while they are within our clinic

Jessica Lindenbach

Medical Technician

Jessica Lindenbach is the receptionist here at Clear Health Inn. She has worked in the medical field for awhile now and administrative work is a big passion of hers. She loves constantly learning new things to help make the business run smoothly and prides herself in her dedication and organizational skills. She lives in Weyburn with her 2 kids and her spare time is dedicated to her children and running them around for dance.

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